Optimized Workflow for Commercial Contractors  

Optimized Workflow for Commercial Contractors

Ever find yourself drowning in the chaos of managing multiple job sites, dispatching technicians, and juggling equipment for each client as a commercial service contractor? Ever wonder if there's a way to smooth out the wrinkles in this operational puzzle?

For commercial service contractors, efficiency is everything. You’ve got multiple job sites to juggle for each client. You’ve got techs to dispatch. And you’ve got equipment to manage on each site. With all those moving parts, the slightest speed bump can quickly turn into a major obstacle.

A commercial FSM will enable you to optimize your business in a lot of valuable ways. You can dispatch equipment techs need to work on quickly and create purchase orders with no hassle. 

With a specially designed commercial FSM solution, you’ll discover all kinds of benefits of field service management software. 

Optimize Dispatching, Equipment Tracking & Reporting

Dispatching the equipment to the right job site on time is one of your most basic needs. On a large commercial property, it is essential for tech to know the equipment he will be working on.  Without that information, your techs will face unnecessary challenges. That’s why commercial FSM software is so valuable. It allows you to associate the equipment with the job in a separate section for reporting instead of just in the notes. 

This will reduce the time for techs to look for the equipment on-site. Since the equipment with serial number is already associated with the customer in commercial FSM software, it will not be mistaken for other equipment  

Typing equipment serial numbers in the notes for dispatching can cause headaches and will waste time for both the office staff and technicians.  


You’ll be able to dispatch equipment to techs from a single, intuitive hub. And your techs will be able to associate individual pieces of equipment with a site or job. They’ll even have the ability to add notes, pictures, and parts for that equipment.   

Commercial service field software doesn’t just make it easy to dispatch equipment types with the job. It also gives you the power to run comprehensive reports on every piece of equipment you work on, so you can see who performed work with it, what maintenance was performed, which pieces were replaced, etc.  

Optimize your equipment dispatching and reporting with commercial FSM software, and you’ll optimize your business. 

Maximize Operational Efficiency with Service Contracts 

Any one of your service agreements could include dozens of different pieces of equipment. Keeping track of all that equipment can be cumbersome and time-consuming. It’s a lot to try and manually add and track. And since it doesn’t scale easily, it can hinder your business from growing. 

One of the benefits of field service management software designed for commercial contractors is that all the equipment is added under each service location with a serial number. During the service agreement creation:

  • Pick the equipment from the list and set up the recurring service for each piece of equipment.
  • Send the service agreement to the customer and get it signed electronically. 
  • Once signed, you can automatically create a job associated with a particular service agreement. Yes, automatically!


This drastically reduces the amount of time your office staff will spend entering data into a computer program, reducing workload, and giving them a stress-free process. Simplifying your operations has never been easier. 

Fine-Tune Your Purchase Order Process 

It’s not uncommon for commercial service contract jobs to go on hold as you wait for a part to come in. An FSM solution that’s designed for the commercial sector is built with this in mind. That’s why IndusTrack gives you the ability to create a purchase order for whatever part you need and to put the job on hold in the meantime.  

When the part comes in, you can have the software automatically make the job go live and have it remind you about it. This streamlines your whole process for ordering parts, ensuring less downtime for your techs and happier customers. 


It’s just one more of the benefits of field service management software designed specifically for commercial service contractors. 

With commercial FSM software, you’ll be able to optimize your business’s workflow in several key areas. And in doing so, you’ll optimize your business and ensure you make the most of the resources you have. 


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