Tracking Inventory by Serial Number on FSM (Field Management Software)

Tracking Inventory by Serial Number on FSM (Field Management Software)

One of the many challenges of managing a field service business is inventory. Inventory tracking by serial numbers is essential when individual pieces of equipment have different manufacturer and installation warranties.  This type of tracking can be a massive headache. Then, add in the additional challenge of different inventory in different locations – including vehicles, installed at a customer, and stored in warehouses or workshops – making it nearly impossible to keep track of equipment. Keeping track of it all can seem like a jigsaw puzzle – and all of it affects the bottom line. It is easy to underbill the amount of inventory used. If a field tech uses an item but forgets to mark it down, it won’t ger billed and you lose money.  Companies that face inventory challenges would benefit from a FSM which tracks inventory by serial number. IndusTrack is the only creator a field management system which organizes inventory in this way, finally making it possible to simplify inventory management by tracking with serial numbers.

Another component of IndusTrack’s FSM software database is tracking what equipment has been installed for a customer, including the serial number and the expiration of both the service and manufacturer warranties. Many companies in the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, or construction field need this information to do warranty work, and provide proper maintenance based on equipment type.  Keeping track of the parts and equipment through serial numbers from the manufacturer for each customer site, means higher productivity, less warranty work that shouldn’t be covered, and more revenue from upselling extended warranties.. It also allows techs going into a job to know what equipment has already been installed at the customer and what has already been done on site in the past. 

Receiving & Tracking new serialized inventory

 One of the biggest challenges with an inventory tracking system is getting it set up and organized. Entering individual item serial numbers is incredibly time consuming and almost not worth the time. But with the purchase order system in Industrack, you can batch import the serial numbers provided to you by your vendor for each purchase order. Then they are ready for use on jobs where a tech can simply select the serial number from the system or the office manager can even assign a specific serial number to the job. When techs come across legacy equipment at a customer which is not already a part of the inventory, it can be simply and conveniently added to the customers information under the CRM database

All-in-One System with Serialized Inventory Tracking

 Tracking parts and equipment by serial number allows you to track the manufacturer warranties for each part. Doing this will allows equipment to be used in order of warranty expiration. This allows you to minnimize your exposure for warranty work. You are able to maximize the amount of time that equipment at a customer will be covered by the manufacturer, reducing the chance that you have to eat the cost of the warranty work. .

Once the job is completed, the equipment will automatically be added under the customer in the CRM. The FSM database through IndusTrack can also keep track of the equipment in different warehouses, or with drivers and vehicles. All of these components allow for an easier time tracking inventory at every level. IndusTrack has thought of every angle, closing the gaps that may exist in keeping track of company equipment.  Perhaps this integrated serialized tracking of inventory sounds perfect for your company, however, the prospect of transferring to a new system sounds daunting. One of the beautiful things about the FSM through IndusTrack is how easy it is, not only to use the different integrated technologies to streamline your business, but also to input all your existing customer information and equipment inventory by serial numbers. A few simple clicks is all it really involves. And the efficient design of the new software is logical, easy to navigate and quick to adapt to within any given workplace. Rather than being a hurdle, changing FSM software to IndusTrack is actually exciting and easily manageable. Once the software is set up and information has been inputted, the features for tracking inventory with FSM are in place and ready to utilize.

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