Always have the right inventory available for the job.

  • Add new parts, services, equipment, or non-inventory items, all from a single screen.
  • Set markups for all categories to maintain consistency.  
  • Sync items from QuickBooks or any of your vendors, or you can import an Excel sheet.
Group 1071

Instant barcode creation for items.

  • Create individual barcodes and QR codes with accurate bin and aisle numbers or other preferred criteria.  
  • Print barcode or QR code labels for assemblies and parts.
  • Scan items in and out of inventory using the mobile scan tool.

Make standalone POs or attach them to the jobs.

  • Create a purchase order right from the field or the office, and print/save them as PDFs for future reference. 
  • Receive full or partial inventory items from purchase orders into any warehouse or truck.
  • Record inventory with serialized parts and assign the items correctly to each aisle or bin.

Trace inventory from purchase orders to invoices.

  • Track individual serial numbers for parts and equipment in every estimate, job, and invoice. 
  • Reserve inventory during the estimates to ensure parts' availability before the job.
  • Once invoiced, the item is automatically assigned to the customer and decremented from the inventory record/list.  

Stop the endless search for missing tools.

  • Create a barcode or a QR code for every tool and scan it to add to the inventory.
  • Techs can scan the tool, add to the job and the warehouse people can scan it back to the warehouse. 
  • Keep track of tools' location, at the warehouse or at the job site, and know who last checked it out.
  • Run reports for tools to know the detailed usage history, including tech's details for scanning in or out.


Improve your workflow & never delay a job again! 

Increase profit margins by keeping track of every unit with smart commercial HVAC, plumbing, air conditioning, & electrical inventory management software.

Track inventory on the trucks.

  • Assign inventory items to trucks and track everything in real time.
  • Know which parts were used from the truck at any service location. 
  • Allow technicians to locate nearby trucks to get the required equipment. 
Group 1072

Set reminders to never run out of stock. 

  • Stay updated with low-stock alerts for inventory items.
  • Set notifications for reorder points so you know when and how much to re-order.  
  • See all the inventory items committed to existing estimates or jobs.

Avoid double entry with QuickBooks sync.

  • Automatically match the invoices with the same inventory items and services from QuickBooks.
  • Sync all inventory and service items from QuickBooks to IndusTrack. 
  • Use inventory and services to create jobs and sync everything with QuickBooks to run job costing reports. 

Use inventory reports for informed decisions.

  • Run reports to view parts used by each job, customer, or technician. 
  • Forecast inventory needs based on committed estimates. 
  • Know which equipment is expired and get updated on the upcoming warranty expirations, and export your reports to XLS or PDF files with a click.

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Serialized Inventory +

Set Markups +

Warranty Reminder +

Flat Rate Pricing +

Warehousing +

Bins/Isle Tracking +

Scanning App for Warehouse +

Scan Parts on Jobs +

Vendor Management +

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