Collect data onsite for accurate payroll.  

  • Real-time data calculation for payroll as technicians start or end jobs in the field.
  • Automatically match the job hours with payroll hours, review the data, and sync to QuickBooks for error-free payroll processing. 
  • No more manual reconciliations with paper timesheets.

Single view to analyze job performance.  

  • Get complete details for each job including office and field notes, time spent by each technician, items used, pictures, equipment, and forms; all in a single report.  
  • Email reports to your customer with authentication to resolve issues. 
  • Easily identify the equipment being worked upon by each technician and when. 

Keep an eye on your goals, always.  

  • View all the completed jobs for any given period and quickly analyze performance by jobs, labor hours, or technicians. 
  • Always stay updated on business revenue and profitability numbers. 
  • Run reports to review revenue generated by each tech.  

Proactive reminders for customers and office staff.

  • Send reminders to customers for job status, overdue invoices, and technicians’ ETAs.
  • Office staff can create customized reminders for themselves and others.
  • Enable reminders for service contract renewals, equipment warranty expirations, jobs on hold, and low-stock items, to manage your business efficiently.

Improve visibility & accountability with number-crunching reports.  

Gain insights into your workflows, revenues, and customers to make data-driven decisions and scale your commercial service business.  


Monitor employee productivity trends.

  • Evaluate your team more effectively with real-time reporting on labor, time-to-completion rates, and revenue generated by each tech.
  • Run profitability reports for each tech to match your business goals with actual numbers. 
  • Allow the supervisors to view, edit, or adjust their team's timesheets, and let each tech review their tracked hours.

Get equipment & warranty details on the fly.

  • Run reports to review equipment used at each service location.  
  • Review equipment work history with all the notes and pictures added. 
  • Know which equipment is expired, and get updated on the upcoming warranty expirations. Export all your reports to XLS or PDF files with a click. 
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Stay on top of everything important.  

  • Review all the current and historical revenue trends vs. your business goals. 
  • Track time spent on-site, parts, services, material, and equipment for every job, along with pre-, and post- pictures for proof of work. 
  • Print, download, or email any report, and schedule the reports that need less monitoring.

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