How Field Service Management Helps You Weather the Pandemic

How Field Service Management Helps You Weather the Pandemic

This year is reshaping how almost every business thinks about face to face contact. Having good business systems in place helps companies adapt to changing circumstances.

Gordie is an operations manager for a plumbing, heating and cooling business in a metro area. He’s also the designated safety officer for the company. He gets a call from a commercial customer, an assisted living facility. One of the staff has just tested positive for Covid-19 and they’re calling “out of an abundance of caution.”

Gordie’s crew was at the facility six days ago and they worked on maintenance tasks and a minor indoor air quality (IAQ) project. In the process, they interacted with the infected staff member, Hal, a facilities manager. He was asymptomatic, but they were not able to maintain 6 feet of distance for about a half hour, a bit longer than CDC guidelines.

The crew, thankfully, followed every other safety protocol. They used ventilators 100% of the time based on instructions written into the job order.

Estimates, Intelligent Resource Management, Notifications, and CRM Features Working Together

When the estimator drew up the estimate on site, he captured detailed info on the job: he took notes, attached pictures of entrances and exits, saved a PDF map of the floor to the estimate, and later got all the names and contact info for the relevant people at the facility. Hal was the only person the crew needed facetime with.

Gordie takes steps for his people’s well-being and peace of mind, as well as for his other accounts. He uses his Field Service Management app to send notifications to the team and they get pings on their mobile phones. They need to get Covid tests just to be safe. He reviews all of the jobs for the crew during the past six days by searching job history to see the few customers they worked on.

Because he can easily audit job histories, he sees that in only one circumstance, the crew had direct contact with a customer: it was at an office that, thankfully, also follows mask protocols. The director of HR reassures him they will be fine on their end. They thank him for the proactive notification.

From the time he receives the call from the assisted living center to the time he hangs up with the affected customer, Gordie has spent 10 minutes. When his crew use their phones to clock out, they each go get Covid tests. Over the next 2 days, they report negative results as expected. There’s no disruption to business.

The days of taking a “wait and see” approach are behind us. With an integrated Field Service Management solution like IndusTrack, you can add peace of mind for your business. You can take better care of your team, take better care of your customers, and show them that you are a step ahead of the bug.

IndusTrack helps contractors:

  • Communicate expectations and requirements – You may have accounts and prospective customers who have strict protocols. An integrated platform allows you to build those rules and instructions into every step of the job and make certain that everyone is on the same page from the back office to field techs to the customer staff.
  • Backtrace contacts with techs – If someone is exposed to Covid-19, you’ll have an electronic trail of the past 2 weeks (or as far back as necessary). You’ll be able to see, immediately, who has worked with and come into contact with that employee.
  • Backtrace contact with customers – When you get that call, immediately see who has interacted with that employee since then and advise customers, subcontractors and everyone else downstream from that contact.

You might think “We don’t need a complete FSM solution,” but go through this exercise just once without it and you’ll see how it mitigates risk, saves you a ton of effort and time, and can build trust among your employees and customers.


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