IndusTrack’s Raz Bajwa Featured in Authority Magazine

IndusTrack’s Raz Bajwa Featured in Authority Magazine

Authority Magazine, a publication of Medium, frequently features business leaders who are recognized thought leaders in their fields. In a series about business leaders who are shaking things up in their industry, they interviewed Raz Bajwa, the founder of IndusTrack.

What makes the interview intriguing is the discussion of why the IndusTrack platform is “disruptive” in comparison to traditional manual processes and even competitor software products:

“We surveyed all the leading apps and built one platform that offers the best of all of them. This makes it easier to develop and enhance, and easier to learn, since the user experience is consistent from all angles.”

It also points out how in trade industries, disruption is typically a negative thing, but there are types of change that contractors welcome because they make the business stronger. We believe understanding the people behind the platform helps illustrate why it can become a competitive advantage for your company.

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