How to Reduce Technician Churn? Stop Your Technicians from Leaving

How to Reduce Technician Churn? Stop Your Technicians from Leaving

Let’s say a tech walks into your office looking for a raise. The problem is you just can’t make it happen. He then asks to have his service schedule trimmed down around the holidays. But things are just too crazy  for that to be feasible. Maybe the same employee even asked dispatch to log service parts more accurately. But dispatch is overloaded and often forgets – leaving him stranded in the field and unable to complete all jobs. What now? 

He quits. And sadly, the goodwill of at least a handful of customers follows him right out the door.  

Of course, this is just one side of the story. Management faces more challenges than just keeping their techs happy. But despite challenges, far too many commercial contractors are still facing technician churn rates that are simply unsustainable.   

Research from Aberdeen group confirms this, reporting that nearly 40% of field service organizations are not meeting their turnover goals.  

The other cold hard truth is it is hard finding technical talent. So hard in fact, that 55% of service employers report struggling to fill open positions. But there’s more brewing in this perfect storm.  

The service sector is graying, which means the most experienced techs will soon retire. According to the Service Council, a full 70% of service organizations report they’ll be facing a pinch from retiring workers in 5-10 years.  

So, what’s the answer? Technology? Hiring best practices? Training?  

Most certainly, all of those will help. So, let’s figure out what steps can be taken to retain your technicians and reduce churn rate.  

Proven Tips to Keep Your Techs Happy  

Prioritize Competitive Pay for Your Technicians 


How much does a technician make in the USA? $20.17/hour. 

Based on 10000 salaries. The average technician salary in the USA is $41,964 per year or $20.17 per hour. Entry level positions start at $34,125 per year while most experienced workers make up to $63,405 per year. 


Ensure your technicians are fairly compensated, as attractive pay is one of the biggest motivators for them to remain committed to your company. While it's not necessary to go overboard with salaries, it is essential to align your compensation packages with prevailing market rates in your industry and region. 


Underpaying technicians can be counterproductive and harmful to your business. Companies offering below-market wages often face higher turnover rates. Top-tier technicians are quick to seek more appealing opportunities elsewhere, leaving behind a workforce comprised of the least qualified and least productive employees. 



Turnover comes with significant costs. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States, productivity losses linked to absenteeism among employees cost employers a staggering $225.8 billion annually. Investing in fair compensation not only retains skilled technicians but also saves on the substantial time and resources typically associated with the hiring process. Prioritizing competitive pay is a wise long-term strategy that contributes to the overall success and stability of your business. 



Implement Smart Scheduling with Adjustable Capacity Planning  

Optimize your business operations with Adjustable Capacity Planning to maximize technician productivity. This allows you to assess your technician capacity for a given day, ensuring efficient resource utilization without overwhelming your team. 

In unexpected situations, such as a team member calling in sick or taking a day off, your business can seamlessly adapt, eliminating the risk of overbooking or underbooking available technician staff. 

Implement separate calendars for different teams, enabling real-time checks on their availability. With IndusTrack, you can effortlessly reassign jobs by dragging and dropping details to an available technician when needed. Streamline your workflow by having a system that provides a quick overview of your technicians' assigned tasks, allowing you to plan and accommodate future requests with ease.  


Reward Hard Work & Dedication beyond Paychecks 

While competitive pay is a must, aim to go beyond a mere paycheck.  

As an example, introduce a special incentive: technicians working over 40 hours a week may receive an additional $20 in bonus bucks and get a gift card for Starbucks, Pizza Hut, etc. This approach isn't just about financial acknowledgment; it's about creating a meaningful way to show our appreciation. 

Setting up a structured method for acknowledging high-performing individuals goes beyond good work. Create a culture where employees feel valued and appreciated for their hard work and dedication. 


Cut Drive Time, Boost Productivity 

Long drives to reach a jobsite can be a source of frustration for technicians, consuming a significant portion of their workday in navigation. To streamline this process, employ an intelligent system that dispatches jobs directly to technicians, providing optimal routes to the designated location. This ensures technicians reach the site in the shortest time possible.  

At the same time, business management gains real-time visibility into the location of trucks, facilitating efficient tracking of their current positions and planning for upcoming destinations. IndusTrack easily combines dispatching and GPS integration. Using the software, you can up your dispatch efficiency with live Google Maps. 

  • See with pinpoint accuracy where your vehicles are in real-time, intelligently dispatch, and optimize your fleet. 
  • Locate every vehicle on live Google Maps including satellite view, street view, and live traffic updates. 
  • In a single map, view everything from customers to employees, jobs, vehicles, and traffic data. 


Make Communication Easier & Set the Right Expectations  

Overseeing the performance of field employees working remotely can have certain challenges. Clearly communicate expectations by defining job responsibilities, performance standards, and goals. Ensure that field employees have a clear understanding of their roles and how their contributions align with organizational objectives. 


To reduce turnover, contractors should prioritize communication by having an all-in-one field service management solution that both office teams and the field teams can use. Using an advanced technician mobile app ensures that your technicians remain informed and connected all the time. It gives them a quick look over their jobs and histories, and as soon as they start or complete a job, office staff gets notified over it.   


Focus on a Healthy Work-Life Balance  

Healthy work-life balance helps to avoid burnout and maintain productivity in tech teams  

72% of technicians say work-life balance is something they are looking for when changing jobs. Service businesses that fail to offer flexible schedules or other options to promote work-life balance may lose their teammates and even candidates.  

Commercial contractors should offer options such as flexible schedules and casual leaves. This will increase team satisfaction and reduce turnover by showing that a business values every member of their team and their personal time.  


It’s time to adapt  

Staying ahead of the curve allows a company to stay ahead of the churn. Now more than ever, it is essential to retain talent and reduce churn. There’s no reason to do things the way they’ve always been done if that is the only reason you are doing them.  



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