Has running your business got you feeling snowed under?

Slow traffic, vehicle break downs, severe conditions, customer urgency, tracking tasks and material usage, re-routing crews, timesheet and billing issues, messy paperwork, slip-n-fall claims — it can send things into a spin. We get it, and we can dig you out. Industrack takes away the stress, paperwork, and inefficiencies that often come with managing a snow plow business.

    Get Real-Time Updates with IndusTrack Mobile App

    Track Time On Site With The Snowplow App

    Our specially designed app for snow removal allows you to track time on stite and break it down into plow time, salt time, and shovel time on a single screen. The simplicity reduces errors that can occur while working all night long. Eliminate unnecessary calls by providing site maps and notes. Provide proof of work with pre and post-pictures, improving customer satisfaction and reducing liabilities.

    Create Invoicing Using GPS Tracking And Auto-Geofencing

    Industrack has built a unique auto geofencing software to automatically track equipment and vehicle time on site. Our automated software creates a geofence around any address in our software – or create manual geofences for complex sites. Our all in one softtware platform will take this information and create an invoice which can by synced directly into Quickbooks.

    Create Estimates for Customers on Mobile Devices
    Track Work History with Ease

    Invoice Labor Hours Directly From App Info

    Track time on site for your employees and subcontractors using our mobile app. Separate customers based on subcontractor or employee so they can see only the accounts assigned to them. Each time the employee or subcontractor visits the site, we will tag the geolocation for verification. Use app data to create customer invoicing as well as subcontractor payments. No more lost or damaged paperwork slowing you down

    Ready to Grow Revenue and Cut Costs?