Together, We Can Achieve More

  • Reseller Partners: Add IndusTrack to your tech portfolio
  • Referral Partners: Grow loyalty and prestige with your base 
  • Private Label: Deliver joint technology solutions with us 
IndusTrack Referral Partner

Referral Partner

Recommend IndusTrack to Your Customer Base or Membership

Do you serve customers or members of service trade industries? Ensure that they have access to the most effective field service management solution, regardless of their location.

How It Works

  • You identify customers or members who would benefit and help us introduce IndusTrack 
  • We further qualify, deliver a demo, and close the deal 
  • You earn a monthly referral fee for the life of the customer 

Reseller Partner

Offer a Powerful Platform as Part of Your Tech Portfolio

You provide solutions for trade industries today. When you add IndusTrack to your portfolio of offerings, your trade industry customers enjoy greater confidence and productivity while you gain a new recurring revenue stream. 

How It Works

  • You identify customers and prospects and introduce the IndusTrack integrated platform 
  • We provide customized tools and processes to help you position and qualify 
  • Your team qualifies, demonstrates, and closes deals 
  • You enjoy a high recurring revenue stream per account with little or no administration 
IndusTrack Referral Partner
IndusTrack Referral Partner

Private Label

Deliver Solutions with Your Brand

You sell complementary software or other offerings into service contracting industries. When you team up with IndusTrack, your trade industry customers enjoy expanded capabilities, greater confidence and productivity.

How It Works

  • You work with IndusTrack to create custom pricing packages
  • IndusTrack creates a branded platform for your company
  • We train your sales and support staff and help you develop customized tools and processes 
  • IndusTrack provides level 2 support to your company
  • We continuously collaborate with your team to anticipate and prevent challenges and troubleshoot and resolve issues 

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