Manage Complex Quoting And Invoicing, Grow Revenue

  • Create phase-based professional proposals and standardize them
  • Build work orders and jobs directly from proposals
  • Keep track of bid vs. actual job costs automatically

Compare Actual Vs Budget Costs

It is essential to track the performance of your business. You can look at job detail reports by customer or field tech. Easily compare actual vs budgeted vs invoices. See warranty reports by serial number and see which warranties expiring, allowing you to re-engage with the customer to sell additional contracts.

Organize Data For Service Locations

Techs need to know what has already been completed when arriving to a job. With complete customer history available on their mobile device for each equipment at every service location, tech’s have access to all the info they need to complete their work quickly and efficiently – tracking their time and inventory used at the same time.

Create Customized Proposal

Commercial service projects can be complicated. The proposal can be multi paged and required customization. It is essential to capture the all the details and set the correct profit margin. Create estimates with multiple phases and set cost and revenue requirements for each phase. Send the estimate electronically and get approval signature digitally. Then convert these phased estimates into jobs with just a click.

Multi-Day, Recurring Schedules By Division

Easily manage the schedules of multiple divisions by creating separate calendars. Setup recurring service job or multi day jobs for a longer project. Create and monitor capacity to ensure you’re working at maximum efficiency. Then, dispatch jobs directly to your field techs on their mobile devices. Electronically track time spent on each work order and separately track any new work on the same job for invoicing.

Faster Response With Job Queues

Keep track of the progression with the job with queues. Look at unassigned, assigned, on hold, and completed job queues on one screen, and easily move the jobs from one queue to a different job queue. If the job is put on hold or any other reason, field techs can pick from hold reasons defined by the company. Some of the examples of the on-hold reasons can be waiting on customer, parts ordered, waiting on parts.

Service Tracking For Equipment

Our CRM system keep track of all different types of equipment at each service locations. Historical service, warranty, and notes are tracked separately for each. Easily add existing equipment into our system with a simple click and add or edit any historical notes from the office. They can add their own notes which is tracked by date and tech name. Easily create invoices and bill your customers with all the notes and work performed with a single click.

Dave Junglen


“We were using excel sheet for quoting, A system for GPS tracking, and a different system for dispatching. We wanted one software that can do all in one software without breaking the bank. We also have 10+ year of data in our current system. We were looking for partner that can migrate data, provide on boarding, and ongoing support. With IndusTrack transition was smooth. Additionally, were able to significantly reduce time and cost.”

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