Sell and Set Up Service Agreements and Memberships 

Quickly add service agreements and upsell recurring memberships. Once assigned to a customer, service jobs are automatically generated. Dispatch service jobs in the specialized service job queue.

When new equipment will need regular service, you can automatically add an agreement to the job. Generate reports to see which agreements are popular and profitable. Get reminders when memberships are ready for renewal.

Set Up Membership Types Desktop

Memberships for Residential Contractors 

Techs can easily sell memberships using prebuilt forms and templates, right on the mobile app.

Once assigned, IndusTrack automatically creates all the services for the membership or agreement. You can adjust discounts in setup or on the fly.

Service Agreements for Commercial Contractors

With our commercial estimating software, you can create specialized estimates for servicing commercial equipment. Simply select the equipment, type of services performed, length of service, and pricing. Once the service agreement is approved, assign it with a click to the customer.

Create a list of jobs based on the service agreement recurrences. IndusTrack notifies office staff of upcoming service dates. Customers can also view their service agreements within the customer portal.

IndusTrack Service Agreements for Commercial Contractors

Lock in Repeat Business

Office staff and field employees help you drive recurring revenue when you automate service agreements and memberships.

When building templated service agreements in IndusTrack, you can automatically set up reminders and notifications to staff and customers when services are due. Engaged customers are more likely to grow over time. 

Generate Real-Time Reports with IndusTrack Software

Generate Real-Time Reports

See at a glance whether an individual service agreement is profitable. IndusTrack automatically tracks labor and materials for each customer. Review the frequency and profitability of all types of memberships to help you make better decisions about marketing and discounting. 

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