View All Key Performance Metrics and Generate Reports 

See clear, user-friendly real-time charts and reports on every aspect of the business. Get reports on employee efficiency, scheduling and dispatch, clock-in/clock-outs, job history, A/R, estimates, conversion to jobs, job profitability, service memberships, and more. The extensive selection of dashboards and in-depth data reports allow you to stay in the know, on demand.

See the Big Picture at a Glance

The simple yet data-rich revenue dashboard provides all the information you need about current and historical revenue trends. In addition, easily review budget and how efficiently you are converting quotes into revenue.

Get Detailed Data to Help Improve Your Customer Service

Industrack’s comprehensive job reporting tracks time on site, parts, services, material, and equipment. Each report will have signature along with pre and post pictures for proof of work. Simply email any reports to your customer with authentication to resolve any issues. Sort data and investigate every aspect of your jobs, putting the power of data in your hands.

Track Field Techs and Client Projects

Evaluate employees more effectively with real-time reporting on labor, time to completion rates, and other criteria. The information you gather can facilitate additional training, different management styles, or tell you who to give a raise to.

Level the Playing Field with Competitors

Larger contractors typically use customized reporting and dashboards to optimize every aspect of their business. With IndusTrack, it’s ready to use.  You can customize your dashboards and reports or ask us to help you build a new report. When you have better visibility of revenue, expense, and profitability trends, you can make better decisions and isolate problems – or take advantage of opportunities – much faster. 

Ready to grow revenue and cut costs?