Mobile App for Field Technicians on Tablets or Phones

Instantly communicate with and update field techs with real time notifications. IndusTrack’s mobile app empowers techs to see and manage daily schedules, clock in/clock out for shifts, tasks, and breaks, enables mapping and directions to sites, and includes complete access to customer job details such as equipment, materials, parts, forms, checklists, and more. 

Update Job Scheduling in Real Time

Give techs real-time updates about jobs, enable them to check availability of parts or equipment, and let customers know when techs will arrive. On the job site, techs can create and share estimates and invoices with ease and even collect payments securely.

Present Estimates in the Field

Build a flat rate price book with pictures, organized by categories and sub-categories. Using our good, better, and best labels, present the different options to customers and build an estimate for the customer to sign off on.

Offline Mode

When techs are out of range of a cellular signal, they can continue to collect information, capture notes and images, and record their time without interruption. Office staff can rest assured that as soon as techs are in range again, their mobile apps will sync with the office and all messages  and updates will be received at both ends.

Track Work History in the Field

IndusTrack’s fully integrated mobile app allows field techs to access all customer work history. Techs can view previous jobs with notes, attachments, and parts used. They can also look up equipment history, past estimates and invoices. Armed with this information, they can complete jobs quickly and efficiently.

Mobile Inventory Access

Assign inventory to individual vehicles and warehouses. Field tech’s can use the inventory from the warehouse or from the vehicle on the job site. If they are missing an item at the jobsite, they can look up the location of the closest vehicle with that item in stock.

Mobile Inventory

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