Overlay Maps For Real Time Updates

Using the latest mapping technology, office staff can keep track of where technicians are in real time. This allows them to shift routes or schedules on the fly to improve efficiency and provide the best customer service possible. The ability to see exactly where everything is at a glance takes away guesswork and uncertainty from scheduling, handling technician travel time and customer inquiries.

Track Technicians In The Field

The real time map shows exactly where every technician and vehicle is located. The all in one map makes checking on progress simple and immediate so there are fewer mistakes and delays. When a customer calls, you can inform them right away about when their service provider will arrive.

Maximize Route Efficiency With Traffic Data

Static maps may tell you where to send technicians, but they fail to provide all the information necessary to make informed decisions. With traffic data overlaid in real time , every dispatcher has they tools they need to adjust routes as necessary. The goal is fast, efficient, and on-time service for every customer.

All In One Map Manages Workflow

View your technicians and service employee’s location, job plan, and other information in real time. Keep up to date with traffic flow and drive times to facilitate smoother and quicker responses. Satisfy customers at every turn when you share any changes or updates as they happen. Indus Track’s overlay map module provides what you need to get the job done right.

Find Anything With Powerful Search

With the powerful search tool, you can find anything on the map quickly and easily. Search for customer names, technicians, vehicles, jobs or specific addresses and snap to that location with info about current status.

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