Assign Inventory to Warehouses, Trucks, and Jobs

With IndusTrack Inventory Management, you can: 

  • Manage parts and equipment via serial number, bar code, or QR code 
  • Easily check-in or check-out via desktop or mobile app
  • Track exactly which items are installed at specific customer sites 
  • Enable proactive service of wear items and warranty reimbursements 
  • Avoid under-invoicing
Maximizing Efficiency in Inventory Tracking

Create, Import, or Sync Inventory

Never lose track of items again.

  • Directly import inventory from vendors
  • Sync inventory from QuickBooks and other software 
  • Create new parts, services, and equipment 

Track Inventory with Serial Numbers, Barcodes, or QR Codes

Track individual serial numbers for parts and equipment across multiple warehouses and customer locations. Generate barcodes and QR codes with bin and isle numbers and other criteria.  

  • Assign inventory and equipment to jobs and track it through to invoicing
  • Once invoiced, item automatically gets assigned to the customer and decremented from inventory 
Make Better Decisions with IndusTrack Inventory Reports
Create Purchase Orders Easily

Create Purchase Orders and Receive Inventory

  • Quickly and easily create purchase orders and send them to your vendors 
  • Easily check received inventory into the system including serialized part numbers 
  • Get notifications at reorder points 

Accelerate Service

Provide faster and better-quality customer service when you track inventory.

Drill down into customer service histories to see installed equipment by serial, bar, or QR code, and always identify the right items you have installed as well as their service or equipment warranty expiration dates. 

IndusTrack Mobile Inventory Access

Get more jobs done in a day. With the IndusTrack Mobile App, empower field techs to use inventory from the warehouse or from their vehicle on the job site.  

When they run out of stock, they can look up the location of the closest vehicle or warehouse with that item in stock. Completely out of stock? Use a purchase order form in the field. 

Empowering Techs with IndusTrack Mobile Inventory Access

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