Track Actual Vehicles And Not Phones To Improve Safety

The Vehicle tracking software uses hardwired devices to track any vehicle or fleet. View vehicle locations on Google Maps, track maintenance, miles, and get immediate alerts in case of breakdowns or accidents. This allows you to respond immediately, minimizing the effect on customers.

Hardware To Track Everything In Your Fleet

Track your entire fleet with plug-in and hardwired devices for your vehicles, and ruggedized, weatherproof devices for your trailers and heavy equipment. Know where your vehicles and assets are any time – day or night.


Ensure the safety and security of your fleet with live alerts. Receive notifications via text, email, or right on your computer screen whenever a tech is speeding, cornering aggressively, or if a vehicle leaves your shop in the middle of the night. Configure these and up to 15 other alerts based on time, day of the week, or vehicle group.


Increase the efficiency of your fleet using our advanced reports. Track utilization, idle times, total miles, and set up maintenance schedules. Use breadcrumb trails to make sure techs aren’t making unauthorized side trips that cost you time and fuel.

Live Google Maps

See the location of every vehicle in your fleet day or night with live Google Maps including satellite view, street view, and live traffic updates.

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