Build and Get Approval Instantly for all of Your Estimates

Use IndusTrack’s contractor estimate software to create any type of estimate. Get instant approvals in the office or the field and convert estimates to jobs and invoices with a click.

Our foolproof estimation software drives more conversions and ensures you don’t lose important info. Send completed estimates to  customers using built-in templates. 

Quickly Create Accurate Estimates with IndusTrack

Create Custom Proposals for Commercial Estimates

Quickly and easily create accurate estimates with inventory items synced directly from QuickBooks — or add your own items. Add custom parts and descriptions for each item and list equipment with full details on the estimates. Show each line item price or show only the total for the estimate. Create custom proposal templates which include terms and conditions, signature approval, and detailed notes.

Residential Estimates Using Price Books

Flat rate price books make it simple for your field technicians or office staff to create residential service estimates. Technicians can simply select a category, choose items and present good, better, and best options and simply add the selected item to the final estimate.

Customers can approve estimates on the spot, to be performed now or to be scheduled. All estimates created by techs are automatically synced back to the office.

Create Price Books with IndusTrack

One Software for Both Residential and Commercial Estimates

IndusTrack is the only software that allows you to easily create both residential and commercial types of estimates. A simple setting lets you switch between using flat rate price books or inventory-based estimates. 

Create Estimates for Customers on Mobile Devices

Create Professional Proposal Templates

Use IndusTrack’s drag-and-drop template builder to build unlimited attractive, professional templates with your brand logo and business colors. 

Add sections such as “About Us,” “Products,” or “Terms and Conditions”  as needed. Choose a default template for all proposals or select a template during estimate creation. 

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