About IndusTrack

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, IndusTrack was founded in 2008. Our first product was hardwired GPS tracking for trucks and other assets. Our customers loved being able to manage vehicles and assets to control costs and eliminate risk. 

But we kept hearing complaints from them that they had too many processes, too much paper, and too many small apps to keep track of. It was chaos. So we surveyed the landscape of all of the leading software companies. Some served one purpose, such as dispatching, and some served multiple functions. 

We distilled all of the best, and most important, functions into a single platform to connect office users and field users, across desktops, tablets and mobile phones. 

The IndusTrack platform is an all-in-one, cloud-based, field service management solution with built-in GPS tracking. We enable commercial and residential service contractors, especially in the HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical industries, to grow their business with less effort. They complete more jobs in the same work week, improve customer relationships, and reduce expenses through more efficient operations and consolidation of applications. 

  • Simplify your operations. Save time, eliminate paperwork, and reduce back-and-forth between office and field. 
  • Get more value from your software. Use ONE platform to manage both commercial and residential jobs.  
  • Empower your techs to be more profitable. Deliver better service, upsell, and complete more jobs in the same workweek.  
  • Turn customers into references. Keep customers apprised of job and tech statuses and deliver the best service experience

With unlimited onboarding, unlimited support, and low pricing, IndusTrack field service management removes obstacles, driving more profit.  



We started in 2008. Today, IndusTrack is a proud partner of industry leaders like Google, Sprint, and Microsoft and a recipient of many awards from prestigious bodies. 


Company started and began developing GPS tracking hardware and software


Launched GPS tracking products into the marketplace


Partnered with Verizon taking the product nationwide


Launched new mobile platform


Launched new web platform


Added additional features to create an all-in-one solution and partnered with Sprint


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