Grow Your HVAC Business with Less Effort

Upgrade your profit potential with the HVAC software built for the trades from the ground up. Access all the HVAC apps you need on your desktop and mobile devices. 

What Is HVAC Software?

HVAC software allows your company to run more efficiently and profitably. IndusTrack’s all-in-one, cloud-based HVAC app coordinates your field and office employees automatically. It empowers you to track all of your customer information, schedule jobs and dispatch technicians, generate professional estimates and proposals, convert them instantly to jobs, track employee time, invoice customers, upsell services, and see technicians and customer sites on live maps.

Eliminate paper, double data entry, lost job notes, and back-and-forth messages with the field.

HVAC Contractors May be Using One of the Following Processes

Challenges Using Paper-Based Processes

Paper-based methods are the least efficient way to run your service business. You may have adopted a few software and Internet-based tools over the years. Old methods don’t just cost you money, they also limit your ability to grow and take advantage of other opportunities.

  • Difficulty and wasted time due to schedule changes 
  • Lots of double data entry 
  • Under billing 
  • Lost records 
  • Takes a long time to get paid

Conquer these challenges and eliminate costly paper processes. Learn more in our white paper, Paper-Based Dispatching for Service Businesses.

Challenges Using Email-Based Processes

You’re moving away from paper-based methods. You may have adopted a few software tools like email calendars and shared drives. Disconnected methods save some time. But they still handicap you from growing, and they require significant manual hand-holding in order to work.

  • Lots of double data entry 
  • Takes a long time to get paid 
  • Techs can’t see job history in the field 
  • Customer data lives in multiple locations 
  • Inaccurate time tracking and job costing 
  • No comprehensive reporting 

Take the next step to a fully digital office. Learn more in our white paper, Email-Based Dispatching for Service Businesses.

Challenges Using Patchwork Systems

You’ve grown well beyond paper-based methods. You use several software solutions to manage different parts of your operation. However, having multiple different tools creates a whole host of challenges. There is no single workflow from first call to collecting payment.

  • Must sync data between multiple software tools
  • Can’t manage inventory in warehouses or on trucks
  • Can’t manage memberships, service agreements or recurring services
  • Steep learning curve
  • No workflow from estimate to payment

Want to eliminate all the points of failure in your workflow? Learn more in our white paper, Patchwork Systems for Service Businesses.

Challenges Using Semi-Tech Systems

You’re operating mostly or entirely with digital tools. But digital scheduling and dispatching is just the first step. You may use internet-based tools like dispatching software, Google Docs, and QuickBooks Online. But you’re leaving money on the table and you can’t effectively analyze where or how you could recover it.

  • Can’t manage inventory in warehouses or on trucks
  • Difficult to create recurring service contracts and proposals
  • Can’t track or show equipment service history
  • Complex job queues
  • Weak or nonexistent reporting on bids, costs, and actual revenue

Stop leaving money on the table. Upgrade to a true all-in-one HVAC application with a comprehensive workflow.

Complete Software Platform to Run Your HVAC Trade Business


Instantly update your techs and the schedule


Generate good-better-best estimates on mobile


Upsell with every job and automatically schedule

Time Tracking

Automate time sheets via mobile devices


Analyze the business and make better decisions

Hardwired GPS

Easily manage vehicles and assets

QuickBooks Integration

Two-way QuickBooks/QBO sync

Customer Experience

Friendly notifications and portals


Easily generate detailed invoices and send PDFs

Custom Forms

Create and submit unlimited forms via our mobile app


Access all customer and historical info instantly

Live Mapping

Locate customers, techs, and routes

Return on Investment

HVAC companies save thousands of dollars every month using IndusTrack. 

An example company with 10 field technicians and 3 office employees can save more than $200,000 per year. IndusTrack eliminates redundant, tedious manual tasks, accelerates communication, and enables everyone to be more productive. 

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Daily Savings: $800

Monthly Savings: $18,000

Annual Savings: $216,000

Assumptions: Typical HVAC company: 10 field employees at $75 average payroll, tax, & insurance cost per hour. 3 office staff at $40 average payroll, tax, & insurance cost per hour. 

What Makes Industrack the Best HVAC Software?

  • Manage residential AND commercial HVAC work orders with one platform
  • Get everything you need in HVAC software at the lowest price
  • Enjoy free support, onboarding, and data migration
  • Manage your inventory with bar code, QR code, or serial numbers
  • No more painful integrations

Timothy Wallen


“We love how easy having both GPS tracking and scheduling in the same software makes dispatching. If any scheduling changes come up, moving jobs around is a breeze.”