Real-time scheduling and dispatching to your techs

Dispatch new jobs to your techs using electronic dashboard.  Provide detail notes for each job along with mobile forms, pictures, and parts.  Quickly view and edit daily, weekly, or monthly job schedules. 

Commercial Scheduling

If your firm offers commercial services, you need a way to schedule and dispatch multiple contractors at various sites throughout the work period. With the color-coded graphical calendar of the IndusTrack software, you can create separate calendars for each department, service team, or work location daily, weekly, and monthly.

Residential Scheduling

Quickly dispatching jobs and tracking them are crucial for residential service contractors. IndusTrack scheduling software allows you to create and dispatch multiple tasks, parts, forms, and attachments. Track the status of the jobs in real time and stay engaged with your technician every step of the way. Once the job is complete, quickly convert it to an invoice and receive payments.

Complete Jobs on Mobile Devices

Send jobs to techs without making a call. Technicians can access all job details from their phone or tablet. They can start, complete, and put jobs on hold. On site, they can add notes, take pictures, attach forms, and once the job is complete, the platform automatically notifies the office. They can even create new jobs in the field.

Job Queues

See all jobs within their own queues and easily move a job from one queue to another with a single click. You can see unassigned jobs, jobs on hold, approved jobs, completed jobs, and invoiced jobs.

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