Create and Convert Flat Rate Estimates in the Field

With IndusTrack’s flat rate price book app, build estimates quickly from your custom flat rate price books. Show your customers good, better, best options for higher conversion rates. Customers can sign estimates on the spot or employees can email them for digital signature

IndusTrack Estimates Using Price Books

Create a digital price book with pictures organized by categories and sub-categories. Select items and compile them into an estimate for electronic approval. Once approved, convert the estimate to a job or an invoice with a single click. 

Create Price Books with IndusTrack
Create Estimates for Customers on Mobile Devices

Present Estimates to Customers on Mobile Devices

Using the presentation mode of IndusTrack’s mobile app, you can show customers good, better, and best options for each item. Compile their selections into an estimate and get the customers’ approval signature on the spot. 

Standardize Pricing for Assemblies, Services, Discounts

Easily build standard prices for common equipment installs and services. Assemblies can include standard labor costs, parts, materials, and equipment. When you offer membership agreements, you can create multiple tiers with varying discount levels and apply them to a job with one click. 

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