Knowing more about your business operations will make it easier to improve productivity and increase revenue. IndusTrack has the dynamic reporting system to help you do just that. We help you increase revenue by equipping your trucks with a measurement device that reports differences in planned vs. actual time spent with a customer. You can also predict openings in your day and schedule more jobs to gain additional revenue.


Our reporting feature is easy:

• Identify the highest revenue-generating vehicles in your fleet with our filter capabilities and post-analysis.
• Tighten gaps by dispatching more vehicles to more locations, using real-time, color-coded reports.
• Receive critical reports in your inbox automatically, alerting you of speeding, idling and road emergencies.
• Benefit from the precise knowledge of time on the job. With a single click, you can export, print, or e-mail any report.
• Multiple report views—summary, detail, and graphical—make it easy to verify the accuracy of time on the job and match it to customer invoices.

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