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CHALLENGE: Excessive time is being spent managing field staff using phone and paper communication. Paper-based data collection is prone to errors in payroll and billing. Some companies have tried to resolve these issues with GPS tracking. Others, using some sort of mobile app. These different systems do not talk to each other and companies are still left with multiple software systems to manage.

Scheduling - Dispatching - Time Tracking - Forms - Invoicing/Payroll

Create/Dispatch a Schedule

• Build a schedule with a single click
• Create unassigned job buckets
• Bulk schedule, copy and move
• View schedule by groups and departments
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Receive Schedule on Device

• Start a job
• Automatically track job time in the job sheet and employee time sheet
• Single click to navigate the job
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Complete Task in Field

• View tasks and add notes
• Open and complete forms
• Add pictures and other documents
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• Forms are easily fillable using any tablet or phone
• Forms can be updated by mobile worker and office staff
• Audit trail for form updates
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Add a Time Sheet

• Track time electronically with our mobile time sheet app
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Reports & Verification

• Single job report with task completed and job notes
• Time spent at job
• Invoicing labor costs, parts costs, and forms
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Invoicing & Integration

• Instantly send invoices to customers
• Integrated price book
• Synchronized customer database
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“We have used a GPS system for many years for employee timecard authentication and billing, and switched to IndusTrack recently for higher accuracy and advanced features”

Laura Bruestle, Ben Franklin Electric

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