Work More Efficiently and Profitably with General Contractors

Subcontractors use IndusTrack’s field management app to streamline communications, proactively manage processes, automate repetitive tasks, and grow profit.

  • Create phase-based professional proposals and standardize them

  • Build work orders and jobs directly from proposals
  • Keep track of bid vs. actual job costs automatically
Scheduling Residential Service Contractors with IndusTrack

Get Rid of Paperwork and Automate Repetitive Tasks

You need to maintain exhaustive details and paperwork. Moving it to a digital field management software helps you work faster and with far fewer errors. 

  • Clone repetitive jobs and easily track multi day jobs
  • Auto-track and report on time and materials, job costing/profitability and jobs per general contractor
  • Document the entire workflow in one app — all paperwork between GC and your employees

Automatically Track Time

Make “payroll day” a thing of the past. Use IndusTrack’s time tracking app to clock in and clock out with one tap. Eliminate guesswork and tedious, manual busywork with geofencing.

Easily track and report on time per contract, per site, and per GC. Enjoy real time reports on time and materials tracking and profitability. At a glance, see and share job progress per site and per tech. At the end of the week, just glance at your reports and sync timecards easily with QuickBooks.

Track Field Techs and Client Projects with Better Efficiency
Set Reminders with IndusTrack CRM

Improve Job Management and Communication with CRM Tools

IndusTrack’s CRM app includes the job workflows every subcontractor needs.

  • Get work approvals from your GCs
  • Use custom forms: capture authorizations and signatures for pre- and post-work on a daily basis
  • Create and execute checklists; take pictures, track, and show all the work performed

Track Your Tools and Inventory

You need to know where your tools and equipment are – by construction site, by vehicle, or in the warehouse. Use IndusTrack’s inventory management software to check in and check out, via bar code or QR code, by site or by employee.

Maximizing Efficiency in Inventory Tracking

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