Benefit from IndusTrack

We’re so confident in our ability to increase your revenue and save you money that we’ll install our system in your trucks before you are even a customer. When you see the difference our solutions have on your business, we know you’ll agree some changes are worth making. And the best part is you don’t have to pay high prices. Whether you have 3 or 3,000 trucks, we will adapt our solution to your specifications and deliver the perfect blend of operational insights to your unique business all for one low price.

Boost Employee Performance - Reward Employees for Efficiency Improvements

One of the biggest challenges for an employer today is to position GPS tracking as an efficiency and performance booster tool. GPS tracking is sometimes considered as a "Big Brother". This can be avoided by explaining the benefits of fleet GPS fleet management, how it can work to their advantage and ultimately make them more money.

Increase employee recognition with accurate performance measures. Use reports to properly coach employees and encourage on-task behaviors. And reward your team when outstanding performance is demonstrated, including efficiency improvements.

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