Some of our current integration partners:


IndusTrack provides complete integration capabilities to streamline your business process by integrating mobile data to your back-office system. We use both REST base API and web service calls to integrate with your back office that can help you implement.IndusTrack Integration Service (IIS) IndusTrack Integration Service allows customer to collect data from our system as well as send data to the mobile worker from an existing back office system.

Data connector (Web Services)

Export live data feed - customized to include only the information you want to view: vehicle location, engine running status, speed and arrival at a specific marker. IndusTrack has the unique ability to build live data feed using a web service that calls within 24 hours of initiation.

Data Exchange (REST base API)

Similar to Google integration methodology, IndusTrack uses REST base API to exchange data between two applications. This will be two-way integration from an accounting, CRM and dispatching software to IndusTrack.

Scalable solutions

IndusTrack’s highly scalable solution caters to companies with inventories of 2 trucks or 1000+ trucks. Cloud-based highly scalable infrastructure allows us to easily adapt to customer size while keeping operational costs at bay.

Reliable infrastructure

Industrack uses Microsoft Azure cloud which is choice of thousands of companies, nationwide. With a secured multiple data center and high availability, Azure is one of the most reliable cloud systems available.

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